What to expect

Picture this… the sun is going down, you look around, the drinks are flowing, everyone is having a great time dancing, laughing and chatting. You look down, sip on your cocktail as you suddenly realise that yes, you have thrown a great party and yes, you are actually enjoying yourself! 

Hosting doesn’t have to be hard work.

All our hire options include our classic 1970’s Peugeot van come cocktail bar, and a team of delightful bar staff.

We show up ready to party with music, delicious drinks, professional staff, festoon lighting and much more including personalised signage.

We always aim to add the extra special touch to your event and help create unforgettable moments wherever we go. 

Making your life as easy as possible is key to enjoying your day, that’s we are able to take card, contactless and cash payments at any event.

We are fully licensed and insured and will also organise any extra event licenses which may be needed.

It’s also worth noting that we can provide a whole array of extras at additional cost. Things like glassware, signage, lighting and even photo booths are all available.

At Tapped we are very passionate about our events having as little impact on the environment as possible.

• We clean up after ourselves and take all of our rubbish and recycling with us after your event

• All of our drinks are served in cups made from plant based compostable materials and can be composted with food waste. 

• We refuse to use any single use plastics including straws, instead we opt for a brand of recycled paper straws which actually stay rigid and don’t go soggy within 5 minutes!

• We aim to keep our carbon footprint low by minimising our reliance on fuel and gasses and running the van off mains electricity where possible.

• The majority of our drinks are poured from KeyKeg’s. The KeyKeg saves around 65% on transport costs and requires no cleaning with large amounts of water and toxic cleaning agents. Every KeyKeg is recyclable and each one consists of 30% repurposed plastics. 

Please remember, we always ask that we gain access to the event location at least 2hrs prior to your guests arriving in order for us to set up and make sure everything runs smoothly.