We like to keep things nice and simple.. The package options below work for most people but of course we are flexible so let us know if you had something else in mind. There are a few things to consider within the price of your event and when it comes to parties, celebrations and weddings, all the below information applies. 

Hire Fees


The first thing on the list is the hire fee. We charge a hire fee of £350, this guarantees your date and secures our high quality van as the perfect photo worthy backdrop to your event. The hire fee also covers general wear and tear and includes things like generator hire, staffing and mileage costs.


If we are needed overnight or for extended periods of time far away from our West Sussex base we may need to factor in accommodation and flatbed transport for the van as she’s an old girl and handles like a rickety shopping trolley!

Minimum Spend


Event packages are subject to a minimum spend commitment. The refundable minimum spend deposit will be agreed and paid ahead of your event. We will work out your minimum spend based on how many guests you have, the duration of the event and the drinks selection chosen. 

the ‘complimentary’ package

So you want to treat your guests to a free bar?… too generous? How about a few free drinks?

Either way, this package is for you. You let us know how much you want to put behind the bar. We will run a tab for your guests and if the money is used up you can either add to it and extend the limit or we can switch to a cash bar for the remainder of the event.

the ‘cash’ bar

You know the score – we arrive, we bring the stock, the staff, the van and the party. Your guests bring the cash, card or contactless and we run the bar the good old fashioned way… 

the ‘contribution’ package

You’ve planned the party to the very last detail, your guests have all confirmed and the drinks menu is set, we’re in for an unforgettable night!

On the night we would effectively be running a cash bar and your guests pay for their drinks, however this package allows you to contribute towards the cost of each serve. This means that the price per drink for your guests will be lower thanks to your generosity, all of a sudden you’re the hero!

All packages are subject to a minimum spend commitment. 

For festivals and corporate events, send your enquiry through our contact page and we will get in touch to discuss further.